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What are your e-commerce objectives?

Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.

— Meg Whitman}}

E-commerce projects are no small undertaking. Whether you're in the orientation phase or already planning to replace your current website, you're bound to have questions.

Chatting about these topics with someone who has experienced e-commerce projects across a wide range of businesses is a great starting point. 

Our e-commerce specialists know the right questions to ask. They know where to dive deeper, where to focus, and how to help you put together a plan of action that will help you roll out the most successful web store you've ever had.

  • What do you want to achieve with e-commerce?
  • Where are you now, and where do you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years?
  • How do you expect e-commerce to help you get there?
  • How do you want your customers to benefit from an online sales channel?
  • How could your colleagues benefit from having a web store? 
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What do people usually talk to our experts about? 

You're bound to have your own questions too. Questions that relate specifically to your unique business.

Are you a supplier, manufacturer or retailer?
Are you using a Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP?
Do you have an IT department?
Have you ever had a web store before? 

All of these specifics are vitally important and will help drive your conversation and your e-commerce strategy. 
Feel free to see our e-commerce experts as a sounding board. They're ready and waiting to talk about what's important to YOU. Including but not limited to:
  • The latest digital trends and developments
  • How to connect your ERP to an e-commerce solution
  • How to best handle order logic like customer specific pricing and assortments
  • What's the most efficient way to tackle an e-commerce project?
  • What kind of solution is right for your business?
  • Budget — how much do web stores cost, and how do you know if you're getting enough value for money?
  • What makes integrated e-commerce unique?
  • How can e-commerce help marketing and sales?
If you would like to know more about any of these topics, please don't hesitate! Fill out the form and we will contact you ASAP

Trust us, we know e-commerce can't (and won't) wait!

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