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How to Make Your B2B Web Store a Joy to Use

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Think beyond the standard web store and create something that is perfectly tailored to the unique needs of professional buyers. And then go a step further.

Here is your Usability guide, with tips and guidelines for a user-friendly web store.

Supercharge Your User Experience

The Usability Guide explains how you can go above and beyond to create an online sales channel that does more than the bare minimum to meet your clients’ demands. With these tips and guidelines, you will be able to create a web store that helps both you and your clients meet your business goals.

Learn why your web store needs:
  • Product information and content
  • Clear and fast navigation
  • And more
“Our new web store has turned things around: revenue is now increasing instead of decreasing. The clean and clear design has resulted in satisfied customers, who can now easily find everything they’re looking for”.

Bert de Lange, sector manager and former head of marketing at Gezondheidsdienst voor dieren

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