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The Benefits of Integration

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We believe that in every good company there’s a great company waiting to get out.

The first step is always the hardest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it easier. Sana wanted to find a way to make e-commerce easier, and the solution turned out to be integrated e-commerce.

By plugging your online sales platform directly into your ERP — where your pricing, order availability and customer information is already stored — you can leverage the data and logic you already have and transform it into a powerful, attractive web store.

Sana Commerce will empower your businesses to make the move from good to great by providing the tools to:
  • Increase your sales efficiency with easy-to-navigate online product catalogs.
  • Run your business more efficiently with automated online order processing.
  • Enjoy more flexibility and accuracy with by simplifying complex pricing.
  • Make your clients happier with 24/7 client focus.
  • Create personalized e-commerce marketing campaigns with personalized e-commerce marketing
Download this white paper to get all the details on Sana’s integrated e-commerce solution and how it paves the way to happier clients, more sales and better partnerships.

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