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Sana’s Guide to PIM systems

In this guide you’ll get the answers to the most important questions about PIM systems and having them in addition to your e-commerce. Jump to the form!

The Answers to the 4 Most Important Questions

Our 2019 research into the expectations of B2B customers showed that convenience and speed are very important during the purchasing process.

Nowadays B2B want to order products online without having to consult a sales person. So having consistent and complete product information on your web store and other sales channels is indispensable.

Do you want your product information to be displayed consistently and completely on your web store and other sales channels?
Then linking a PIM system to your web store is the solution.

In this white paper we answer the 4 most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers about combining PIM systems with e-commerce.
  1. When Is a PIM System a Useful Addition to Your ERP?
  2. What Does a PIM Connection Mean for Your Company?
  3. How Does the Sana Online Store Connect With Your PIM System?
  4. Where Should You Start When You Want to Connect Your PIM System to the Online Store?
Find out everything you need to know about PIM systems and e-commerce. Including best practices from our customers and tips & tricks. 

Download the white paper and get insights into getting a PIM system as an addition to your online store.

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