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A Path for Manufacturing Advancement:

A People-Centric E-Commerce Model for Manufacturers Jump to the form!

This white paper explores how B2B manufacturers can keep up with trends and forge new paths in how they implement an e-commerce model in 2021.

According to McKinsey, B2B manufacturers still lag 10 to 15 years behind other industries in their digital transformation.

What are the hurdles in their e-commerce model and how can businesses of all sizes overcome them?

Based on The Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report published earlier this year, this critical piece offers new perspectives on how to approach the challenges of moving manufacturers into the online space. It identifies what the challenges are and how to address them using a human model that puts customers (and employees) first.

The white paper also includes firsthand accounts from manufacturers who have been able to advance their business and boost their revenue through smart e-commerce practices.

In this free white paper, you will learn:
  • How manufacturers adjusted their market strategies before and after the COVID-19 disruption, including selling direct-to-consumer
  • How manufacturers were able to get their sales teams invested in the success of an e-commerce solution for their business
  • What methods manufacturers used to direct their customers to their web store by putting ease, personalization and customer rapport at the center of what they do
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