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Mastering Furniture and Home Goods E-Commerce

Applying Online Sales to B2C, B2B and D2C Business Models Jump to the form!

Despite unprecedented demand, many businesses turn a blind eye to a revenue channel already disrupting the furnishing and home goods industry: e-commerce.

Today, organizations are struggling to tap sizable opportunities and to address looming industry challenges:
  • Globally, online sales in the furniture and home goods industry will approach $200 billion this year.
  • By 2023, online sales will account for one-third of the industry’s overall sales.
  • Half of businesses selling B2B are leveraging e-commerce to drive sales, while another 35% want to boost efficiency and improve the customer experience.
  • 66% of furniture industry manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers feel that selling D2C will tighten competition among supply chain partners.
Read our guide for more trends, exclusive data, and tips on how to embrace e-commerce — no matter your business model.

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