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G2 Comparison Report 2021

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How does Sana Commerce’s ERP e-commerce solution compare with top B2B e-commerce platforms?

The world's leading business software review platform, G2 Crowd, has published a comparison report of three of the top B2B e-commerce platforms.

The report is a compilation of user satisfaction ratings based on data from G2 Crowd’s B2B E-Commerce Platforms category. This comparison report presents a side-by-side comparison of fundamental e-commerce features and how each of these features were rated by users across e-commerce platforms.

Key features you can find in the report include:
  • Ease of Admin
  • B2B Features
  • SEO
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Checkout Process
  • Performance and Reliability
 Want an inside look at some of the insights you’ll get from the report?
  • SAP Commerce Cloud’s users are positive about their product direction (90% user satisfaction)
  • Magento Commerce receives a 70% user satisfaction on its Quality of Support
  • Sana Commerce ranks highest for B2B Features with 87%, scoring 14% higher than Magento Commerce
Notably, Sana Commerce also scored the highest in the Product Direction category with 94% of reviewers positive that our solution is on the right track to enable growth and scalability.

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