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E-Commerce Marketing Guide 2019

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The rise of B2B e-commerce has completely changed the way products are marketed to the B2B market - it's opened a brand-new world of opportunities for Marketeers.

Consumers nowadays know they have the luxury of setting the bar high. They don’t need to tolerate imperfect functionality and service or disappointment in products. Great content alone won’t dazzle your customer, because to your B2B customer, an item is an item. But matching great content with carefully designed segments will get them excited. Personalized value can turn an item into a purposeful shopping event. An omnichannel strategy combines multiple channels (physical locations, web stores, social media, etc.) to offer a fluid customer experience no matter how clients choose to get in touch.

In this guide, we’re delving into the marketing strategies your B2B business should implement to be successful in the competitive world of 2019.

Discover how you can:
  • Improve the Efficiency of B2B Catalogue Management 
  • Boost your Customer Experience|
  • Increased Online Engagement 
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