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10 Tips for Successful B2B Dropshipping

Tips for B2B Companies That Want to Create a Successful Dropshiping Strategy Jump to the form!

Dropshipping is a trend that’s becoming more and more prevalent in e-commerce, in B2B as well as in B2C.

Currently 27% of retailers and e-tailers use dropshipping, and this number has risen considerably in recent years.

Next-day delivery is now a minimum requirement for B2B e-commerce. But due to increasing customers' expectations, they now expect to have a package delivered within a few hours. Does your B2B company want to keep customers happy and satisfied?

Then include dropshipping into your e-commerce strategy. Download the white paper and get the latest insights on:
  • What prices to ask for dropshipment
  • The logistics process behind dropshipping
  • Delivery agreements
Use the insights and tips to better understand your customers needs and to help you stay ahead of the dropshipping trend and gain competitive edge.

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