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How De Rolf Groep Saved Time With a Sana Web Store

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Customer-Specific Prices in the Web Store

After going through a merger, de Rolf groep wanted to provide customers with a new web store that would allow them direct access to all of their customer-specific pricing. Not only would it be more convenient for clients, it would save the business a lot of time.

Read the success story to find out how Sana Commerce helped de Rolf groep:
  • Display customer-specific pricing in the web store environment
  • Manage content quickly and easily
  • Create more time for business development
Sana provided de Rolf groep with a custom integrated web store solution for its ERP, BPMS. Read the success story to learn how Sana’s solution helped de Rolf groep fulfill the needs of its customers and save time too.

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We chose Sana over Magento because it is a better solution to integrate.

— Frank Brinks, E-Commerce Project Leader at de Rolf Groep