E-Commerce Crash Course

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In celebration of Sana’s 10 year anniversary, we’re offering a special e-commerce crash course!

After a decade of empowering businesses all over the world with e-commerce, we thought it was high time to gather our learnings and share them with you in one simple, convenient place: your inbox.

Here are some of the topics you'll learn about:
  • Defining your e-commerce strategy
  • Measuring success (and failure) with Google Analytics
  • Creating the ultimate customer experience
  • Preparing your key systems for e-commerce
  • Unleashing the power of customer segmentation
What can you expect from the crash course?
  • 10 tips in 10 emails spread out over 10 days
  • Video content
  • Infographics
  • Additional resources
  • Exclusive insider insights
And we’re culminating the course with a live webinar. You’ll have the chance to ask three of our in-house e-commerce experts your questions and get advice on implementing the 10 tips in your business.

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