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How Richa Shortened Order Turnaround Times With E-Commerce

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Richa always sought to stand out in terms of product and service quality — but they wanted to go even further.

Thanks to an expanding collection of motorcycle clothes and accessories, Richa has been enjoying exponential growth for years. Excellent news for the company, but it did pose a challenge for their administration.

Richa wanted a more efficient way to process orders and handle incoming client questions. That’s why they turned to integrated e-commerce.

Download the client case to find out how Richa:
  • Brought their error margin down from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1000
  • Found a more efficient way to answer client questions
  • Branched out to direct-to-consumer sales
Richa has experienced many more benefits since implementing their new Sana Commerce web store. Download your case now to get the full story.

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When clients receive their order confirmation, they can immediately see the right price, including any customer-specific discounts.

— Brecht Cassiman, Key Account Manager at Richa