Success Story

How NHP Empowered Clients and Sales Agents

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NHP wanted to offer clients the ease and convenience of an online store.

They knew that e-commerce was the way to take their service-oriented strategy to the next level. Being an early e-commerce adopter, however, meant creating their own roadmap.

Read NHP’s story to find out how they:
  • Made their complex and extensive product range available to clients 24/7
  • Empowered their sales team with mobile access to product info, quotes, transaction history and invoices
  • Realized a 30% year-on-year increase on key KPIs
Being among the first to undergo your digital transformation is about more than overcoming challenges. It’s about being ahead of the curve and enjoying the benefits of giving your clients added ease and convenience.

Read NHP’s story and be inspired.

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The sales team didn’t have many options when they were on the road. Now they can use their iPad or mobile device to easily access product information, create a quick quote, and view their customers’ transaction history, invoices and quotes.

— Reyner Karnali, E-Commerce Lead at NHP