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Making a technology investment decision is no small feat, and one that often comes with a lot of questions.

At the end of 2020, Sana Commerce provided unfiltered access to our VP of Implementation, our Customer Success Team Lead, and an Enterprise Project Manager for a power half-hour open forum.

That’s right. We removed the obstacles in your way to provide access to our knowledgeable experts.

We hope you find this content useful.

The best part? (Almost) no topic was off the table:
  • Do you have concerns about what the technical setup would look like working with Sana?
  • Are you wondering what makes Sana the right choice over another mainstream e-commerce solution?
  • Have you been curious about how managing your web store with Sana works?
Mark headshot.jpg
Mark Miles,
VP of Implementation
Roberto Najera,
Customer Success - Team Lead

Navjot Singh,
Enterprise Project Manager

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