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Tech Talk Series: E-Commerce, Middleware, and Business Agility

United Pacific Industries Gets Candid with Sana Commerce Go to the form

A candid conversation about the state of e-commerce for manufacturers in 2021.

Catch up on our previously recorded session, as we dive into some of the most surprising results of our recent Manufacturing and E-Commerce Benchmark report in a virtual chat with United Pacific Industries – who will also share their own experience with e-commerce and digital evolution.

  • UPI’s insider perspective on the top manufacturing trends identified in our research
  • The top challenges UPI faced in leveraging middleware to connect e-commerce and ERP
  • Why UPI chose scalability and agility with Sana over the “easy fix:” optimizing the existing solution
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Mark Miles | VP of Implementation, Sana Commerce
Chris Bischoff | President of Global Sales, United Pacific Industries
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Terra Lampi | Customer Success Manager, Sana Commerce
Jai Baek | Marketing and Creative Director, United Pacific Industries

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