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Supply Chain Reimagined: Evolving Sales Strategies with E-Commerce Technology

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Are you looking to redefine your business's role with supply chain partners? Download the webinar featuring Forrester for expert guidance.

Download a session with guest speaker Joe Cicman from Forrester for insights on supply chain optimization and B2B e-commerce technology.

Rapid new channel adoption in the past year is presenting unique challenges that manufacturers have never faced before, including how to adjust existing channel relationships and solve complex fulfillment hurdles. Digital tools can help solve these issues by providing opportunities to streamline supply chains and redefine customer-facing relationships.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn:
  • What the current technology trends are in the manufacturing market
  • What the current landscape of e-commerce technologies looks like
  • How to create more inclusive relationships with channel partners
  • Best practices for solving supply chain issues
  • How frontrunners are using digital tools to reimagine customer-facing relationships
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Joe Cicman

Joe is a Senior Analyst with Forrester and has been working for the leading research firm since 2019. He helps e-business professionals assess, improve, and optimize B2B and B2B2C e-commerce technologies and strategies. Joe has worked in B2B e-commerce since the late ’90s and lived through multiple technology cycles. Prior to joining Forrester, Joe was the product manager who owned IBM’s e-commerce offering.

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