The Business Benefits of Integrated E-Commerce

A Look at Revenue Growth, Cost Reduction, Process Improvements and More Jump to the form!

Based on a survey of 107 global B2B and B2C Sana customers, we’ve compiled an overview of what the positive impact of integrated e-commerce looks like.

Findings from our survey tell us that an integrated web store with Sana helped our customers achieve all four of their top e-commerce goals: cost reduction, increased revenue, customer retention and process efficiency. On average, they reported:
  • 21% jump in e-commerce conversion rates
  • 11% increase in return/repeat customers
  • 16% reduction in order error rate
  • Nearly 10% jump in revenue
  • More efficient sales and online catalog management processes (for 30% of respondents)
These successes (among many others) have had a notable impact on our clients’ businesses. Download the full factsheet for insights on what your integrated e-commerce potential might look like.

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