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Why Data Matters (And How ERP Integration Can Help)

A lack of a centralized single source of data means that businesses struggle with both siloed data and an inability to make data-driven improvements or to leverage data-driven functionality in their web store. Taking your ERP as the starting point, you can make the most of your data. 

Benefits of Integrated E-Commerce for your ERP:

  • Integrates front- and back-office systems to provide a unified business environment that is much more easily scalable, customizable, and extensible
  • Provides time-saving automation functionality (i.e. Any updates to product information in your ERP shows up in your web store in real time)
  • Offers customer service reps a single view of a customer across all channels (including online and offline orders, even orders placed through EDI)
  • Allows your business to manage orders (from multiple channels) and inventory from one system
  • Expedites order fulfillment (meaning your clients receive their purchases faster)

If you’d like even more insights into how Sana Commerce’s integrated e-commerce platform can maximize your investment in your ERP, download our free fact sheet.

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