Sana Commerce Customer Portal

Streamline your business’ order-to-cash (O2C) process Jump to the form!

Make the O2C cycle easy for IT, for finance, and for the people at the very core of your business: your customers.

By leveraging our Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP integration, Sana Commerce Customer Portal offers your business and customers an unparalleled level of control over account management, customer invoicing, quote and order management, RMA, and more.

Why does this matter?

Here are the O2C-specific trouble areas our Customer Portal addresses:
  • Invoice Management (and Online Payment)
  • Real-Time Access to Historical Account Data and Documents
  • Customer Account Management
  • RMA Handling
Expedited O2C processes mean more cash flow. Read our factsheet to learn how to streamline this process for your business.

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