Automated Sales Tax and Shipping Calculation for E-Commerce

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Complex calculations don’t need to stand in the way of an excellent online buying experience.

Your clients’ needs go beyond finding the right product and adding it to their shopping cart. They need insight into the actual cost — including tax and shipping fees — and delivery information to make the best buying decision for their business. And when they proceed to checkout, they need to know that their most sensitive business data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Think meeting these demands is technically challenging for your business? Think again.

Sana Commerce is the e-commerce solution designed with your ERP in mind. The smart integration ensures that data from your ERP is displayed in your web store in real-time — exactly as calculated by your single source of truth.

With Sana Commerce, your web store can:
  • Display all shipping fees up front, and even display carrier-calculated shipping
  • Use a secure Payment Service Provider add-on for reliable checkouts
  • Provide accurate sales tax calculation in real time
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